MTI Sets the Agenda

I am very proud of the quality of the people that we have at MTI. As a services business, it is our people that make the difference to our clients and partners. I regularly get feedback from those we do business with about the quality of our team. I am always proud when I hear about a senior company director, a specialist technician, a member of the sales team or someone from our accounts teams who has gone the extra mile to help a customer.

Motivated businessman ready to start to success

MTI’s team go the extra mile

I am also extremely proud of the fact that people stay with MTI. While the rest of the industry suffers from revolving doors, good people stick with MTI. Those of you who follow my blog will have noted the various occasions where I have been able to celebrate and thank individuals who have been with me for landmark anniversaries. 

Business is full of moments of truth. Whether these are sales achieved, feedback from clients and partners or the moment a candidate we want to hire says yes. It is generally when those outside our business react positively to what is inside that I get that validation that we are getting things done properly.

An ongoing moment of truth is when MTI is featured in the media. Journalists have any number of qualified and articulate volunteers who want to express an opinion to raise their profile. Journalists can choose to get the views of companies who are listed on the stock exchange, whose opinions affect investors as well as customers. They can also speak to manufacturers and vendors of technology, who develop technology directly. MTI has neither of these benefits and yet our spokespeople are regularly featured and invited to contribute to the discourse on what is going on in the UK business and technology landscape.

Press interest in MTI is on the increase

Press interest in MTI is on the increase

Looking back over August, MTI has been featured in a number of articles, demonstrating our place at the forefront of the industry:

Computer Business Review

Tougher tech teaching needed’: 10 tech experts respond to A-level results

Ian Parslow


Pure must ‘rightsize’ to succeed 

Ian Parslow


EMC considering BPP tweaks 

Ian Parslow


VMworld conference marks time to reflect on VMware’s progress

Anthony Poh

Looking ahead, we can expect coverage from Alan Ryan in Personnel Today on the subject of hacking. Alan has also has provided thought leadership to Tech Week Europe. Rainer Held has been interviewed by IDG, and Kevin Foster has two pieces due for publication in Test Magazine and TechWeek Europe. 

I know that generating this coverage takes time and thought on behalf of our spokespeople. We are a sales lead company. I know we all measure success in terms of tangible output, which is sales. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate those who have had a part to play in raising MTI’s profile. By earning endorsement from the media, we are building the profile, awareness and credibility of MTI. This leads to greater levels of traffic to our website, makes sales calls a little easier and reminds prospects and customers that MTI means business.

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