MTI sets up German bakery


Those of you who are familiar with MTI will know that we have been managing data securely for over 25 years. Clients include Barlow Robbins, Christ’s College and Toyota. You can read all about them here. So you might be surprised to learn that MTI has indeed invested in a German Bakery.

This move was driven by one man’s passion for German bread. In Germany, bread is more than just a food – it is a part of the German culture. Germany produces more varieties of breads than any other country. Over 300 varieties of dark and white breads and over 1,200 varieties of rolls and mini-breads (Brötchen & Kleingebäck) are produced in Germany.

Rainer Held, MTI's SVP of Finance

Rainer Held, MTI’s SVP of Finance

The man behind this diversification from normal business is none other than MTI’s very own Rainer Held, our SVP of Finance. You may be asking yourselves: “Has MTI gone mad?”, “Is this a new form of Managed Service?” or even “Will MTI be able to make sandwiches?”

Let me explain….

This weekend, Rainer celebrated his 50th birthday with his closest family and friends. Mrs. KC and I travelled to Darmstadt in Germany and enjoyed the beautiful weather with a beer in the square before heading off to dinner to celebrate with Rainer and his wife Jutta.

Daarmstadt Square

Darmstadt Square

The dinner, at a local, organic eatery called Müller and Müller, was wonderful. Fresh, line caught cod was my main course. Delicious, fresh, warm, German bread was served, but it wasn’t the bread or beer which lead to MTI’s investment in a German Bakery.

In fact, Rainer has decided that he wants to build a clay bread oven in his garden,  MTI and the other guests at the party were delighted to be able to make a contribution towards this. Pictures of this feat in culinary engineering and project management will be shared in due course.

Rainer and Jutta Held, in celebration mode

Rainer and Jutta Held, in celebration mode


It was an honour for Mrs. KC and I to be able to celebrate with Rainer. As head of finance Rainer has been looking after MTI’s “dough” for over 18 years, and I know one thing: There is no way he would allow MTI to get into the bread business!