The future is coming

The news in the UK this week has us salivating at the prospect of 15% growth in the technology industry, fretting about whether our TV’s are spying on us and marvelling at the prospect of driver-less cars.

driverless cars

Of course behind all of these stories are innovations in technology, and whilst these headline grabbing innovations may be the ones getting all of the attention from the mainstream media, the biggest leaps forward are less celebrated but more consequential. In fact those who are familiar with modern flight technology (auto pilot…) or indeed the hit TV series Gogglebox (which I am personally not a fan of- for the avoidance of doubt) might be wondering what the fuss is about.

IT Security is one of those technologies that only grabs headlines when it goes wrong. At MTI we manage the security for some of the world’s highest profile institutions. Whether it is penetration testing, identity access and management, endpoint or infrastructure security, our team is quietly and diligently making sure that our clients are always one step ahead.

Datacentre technology is another area that has seen tremendous innovation over the past few years. Whether it is the advent of virtualization, hybrid cloud or flash storage, each of these leaps represents cost and energy savings, liberating businesses to do more with less. Our partner, EMC is arguably the world’s leading provider of these technologies, and to put this into context, getting a laser to read and write on a spinning disk at exactly the right point, is infinitely more complex then sending a car down the M4 without a driver.

So I welcome the news that the UK Tech industry is about to enjoy unprecedented growth. It is well deserved and I know that we are ready, with systems and solutions that are scalable, more agile and more secure than ever before. I just don’t believe that that growth is going to be coming from driverless cars or TV’s that spy on us as the nation tunes into Corrie.

“Don’t tell Camilla where I am!”

On Thursday 29th of January, I was invited by Adrian McDonald of EMC to The Prince’s Trust Leadership Dinner, a black tie event in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Mrs Clark and I set off to London, hitting the UK’s first blizzard of the year on the way, to arrive at the Park Lane Hilton at 6.15 on the dot, just in time for the Champagne reception. In the picture below you will see Chris Gould of EMC along with HRH.

Chris Gould of EMC presents HRH The Prince of Wales

Chris Gould of EMC presents HRH The Prince of Wales

It was an honour to personally meet His Royal Highness, who expressed interest in the Royal Warrant that has been awarded to us as a result of the work that MTI does for The Royal Household. Prince Charles explained that he is dependant on technology and IT security as he is on the road so extensively during the week, and appreciates the opportunity to catch up over the weekend. It was quite something to meet such a high profile end user of services provided by MTI.

We then joined the rest of the guests for the dinner and had a wonderful meal during which The Prince of Wales gave a presentation about the important work of The Prince’s Trust. During the speech, Sean Horne’s phone rang, interrupting the proceedings. Trouble causers could be heard imploring that Sean be locked up in the tower. To his credit Sean quipped: “It is Camilla, she wants to know where you are!” The Prince of Wales retorted: “Don’t tell her where I am!”

Prince Charles talks about The Prince's Trust's work

Prince Charles talks about The Prince’s Trust’s work

So, if The Duchess of Cornwall should happen to be reading this and wondering exactly where her husband was on Thursday night, I can confirm that he was in fact creating a very memorable evening and raising the profile of The Prince’s Trust.

Thank you once again to our friends at EMC for the invitation. It was very much appreciated.

You can read more about the event here

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