Celebrating 25 years with MTI

1989 was a momentous year for many reasons. It was the year that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tim Berners-Lee conceived the World Wide Web, while George Bush Snr became the 41st President of the United States and Sky Television (now BSkyB) launched across Europe. In sport, Nick Faldo won the first of his three US Masters titles and images of Terry Butcher’s blood-soaked shirt were forever etched into England football fans’ memories.


MTI’s recent 2-year pen recipients with Nick Westall

But it was also a momentous year for MTI. 1989 was the year that Gary Menezes and Alasdair Young both joined us. I recently had the honour of congratulating both of them for their tenure and dedication to MTI, awarding them 5 days of extra vacation which I know they will put to good use. Thanks again guys.

People stick with MTI. I am proud of that. Whether this is customers, partners or colleagues, we have a great track record in this regard and it is one that I feel is very important. I was therefore delighted to recently award 2-year pens to Scott Phillips, Nora Copping, Chris Gelstharp, Joe Karol, James Robbins and Alex Bouraoui.

What I find most encouraging is that these colleagues all come from different departments within MTI – Customer Services, Administration, Security, Finance, and the managed services Secure Operations Centre. This demonstrates that MTI’s culture of retention is consistent across the business, and is particularly pleasing for me.

Even when they leave, people stick with MTI: We said good-bye to Nick Westall who after being with MTI for 17 years is moving to work with one of our clients. We are delighted that Nick will remain part of MTI’s family and sent him off with a signed oar ( due to Nick’s passion for rowing), as you can see in the picture. An iPhone 6 is also on order with his name on it. Thanks again Nick and see you soon!