MTI hosts EMC VNX launch event at Chelsea FC

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This week MTI hosted an event to introduce our customers and partners to the benefits of EMC’s new VNX series, as described in my previous blog from Milan earlier this month. My colleague Tony Conway, our Vice President Customer Services, attended the event so I invited him to write a guest blog. Over to Tony…


Tony Conway guest blogs for KC in Conversation

Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge stadium was the venue of the MTI Speed2Lead event on Tuesday (September 24), which provided our customers with further insight into EMC‘s recently refreshed VNX series.

The event saw our technical experts Steve Wiggs and Andy Dean discuss the ins and outs of the benefits of the new storage offerings. We then received an EMC perspective on the future of backup from Mark Galpin, EMC’s EMEA Product Marketing Manager, and insight into the bespoke Managed Service wrap that MTI provides to the new EMC portfolio from our own Rob Buckton. Following the informative introductions we were treated to a special tour of the fantastic facilities available to Chelsea’s footballers.


A packed crowd soaks in Steve Wiggs’ introduction to EMC’s VNX refresh

From our day-to-day conversations with customers it’s clear that they are being asked, or rather told, to increasingly do more with less. They are having to increase revenues, lower operational costs and reduce risks – all meaning they need to be more agile in how they manage their IT infrastructures. Throw into the mix the fact that speed of business and data growth are rising exponentially, and it’s clear that businesses need some assistance to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

EMC’s new VNX range provides this helping hand, with a whole host of advanced features that really blow the storage industry out of the water. We can now offer customers up to four times higher levels of performance, 60% less latency and block deduplication, in addition to file deduplication. The very pinnacle of the new product range, the VNX 8000, is capable of running between 6,000 and 8,000 Virtual Machines, can be fitted with up to 1,500 4TB drives and boasts the capacity to do an impressive 1 million IOPS.

Virtualisation, and more specifically cloud technology, is transforming the way that IT works, and IT providers now need to be proactive and innovative to best utilise this technology.

Chelsea FC

The Chelsea FC home changing room

In partnership with EMC we now offer our customers the extra horsepower, enhanced protection of data and, possibly most importantly, greater flexibility to take their IT to the next level.

To learn more about the new EMC VNX range, what this means for the future of IT infrastructures, and how we can benefit your business, visit or give us a call on 01483 520200.

Chelsea FC

Getting into the fast lane with PWC

I have the privilege of working with some terrific people, inside MTI and beyond.  The way in which MTI’s clients use technology to deliver competitive advantage, the way in which our partners collaborate and the lengths that our own people go to in order to exceed customer expectations often inspire and delight me. I learn from and with these people and their organisations every day.  PWC is one such organisation. The company is well known for setting the standard in professionalism when it comes to delivering services.

The pink ladies of Goodwood

The pink ladies of Goodwood

PWC is our auditor, providing services to the French, German and UK operations of MTI and also looking after our corporate accounts in Holland. Like many of our partners PWC has been working with MTI for the best part of 20 years. I was recently invited, along with 120 others, to attend an event at Goodwood as a guest of Rosie Shapland, a partner at PWC, which was a showcase for some of the world’s finest classic cars.

Retro mopeds at Goodwood

Retro mopeds at Goodwood

Over lunch I learned of Rosie’s enthusiasm for classic cars, including the E-Type she is photographed with. I also learned of some of the trips she has made on planes, including flying to Miami for an hour long client meeting. It was clear to myself and Rosie’s 10 other guest at the table, that looking after clients and exceeding the already fantastic standards that PWC set is a passion for Rosie.

Rosie Shapland, partner at PWC with her favourite car

Rosie Shapland, partner at PWC with her favourite car

A great, motivating afternoon and one that really impressed upon me the importance of great client relationships in business.

Even the bank is giving us awards!


This year has been one of expansion. Not just for MTI which I am delighted to report continues to go from strength to strength, but also for my waistline. The reason for this is not just because of Mrs KC’s delicious home cooking, but also due to the numerous events I have been attending to as MTI has celebrated its 25 year anniversary. I’ve had canapé’s in Paris, cake at Lords cricket ground in London and beer in a German castle.

Thankfully not every celebration has involved food. I was particularly grateful for this when RBS, our bank of 25 years presented me with a glass award celebrating our mutual relationship and success. The past 25 years have seen both MTI and RBS go through numerous changes but thankfully for both of us for every dip there has always been a peak.

Me with Jessica Bourne and Michael Waddelove from RBS.

Me with Jessica Bourne and Michael Waddelove from RBS.

Whilst it is great to get more trophies for the cabinet, actually there is a serious note to be had here. To have a relationship with a bank or a supplier for such a long time changes things. You really get to know and understand each other. In the picture you can see Jessica Bourne, assistant relationship manager, Michael Waddelove relationship manager, and myself with the award. Both Jessica and Michael have gotten to know and understand our business and have been to our operations in Europe to get the full picture. They deliver the sort of challenging service that really adds value. One of the first things they did today was present me with a piece of media coverage which they had an issue with. This type of attention to detail is very reassuring in a bank.

Michael said to me: “It is always great to see KC and miraculously he is looking as svelte as ever, despite the gastronomic tour of Europe that he has been on. This is a great relationship and whilst we enjoy it very much we also value it and look forward to many more years working together.”

MTI attends EMC Speed2Lead Launch


As EMC’s largest European partner, MTI was proud to be one of twelve worldwide partners invited to attend the launch of its Speed2Lead campaign in Milan on Wednesday (September 4).


The entrance to EMC’s Speed2Lead launch

Anyone in and around the storage industry who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few days will have heard all about the announcements. The launch event itself caused quite a stir, with fireworks marking the unveiling, a 24-hour live online broadcast complete with TV anchors and roaming reporters, and Lotus F1 cars taking pride of place in an EMC museum.

But looking under the bonnet of the launch frivolities, EMC announced the next generation of its VNX series and the imminent arrival of ViPR software-defined storage platform. EMC also took the wraps off “Project Nile,” the first complete web-scale storage infrastructure for the data centre.

But the biggest buzz at the event was around the new VNX refresh, which EMC promises will “shatter the definition and economics of midrange storage.” This is a major step forward and one that we at MTI are excited to be a part of. It means we can offer our customers the latest products that give them the speed they need to lead their IT transformation.

EMC Speed2Lead

Here I am at the event with EMC’s Stella Low and Matthew Buckley

A personal highlight of the event was the chance to get behind the wheel of a Lotus F1 simulator around the Monza GP Track. And I must have a Need for Speed somewhere within me as I managed to top the leaderboard throughout the course of the launch event.

Following the excitement of the launch, we were treated to a fabulous meal at the famous Bulgari restaurant in downtown Milan, hosted by Gregg Ambulos, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales at EMC, who thanked us for our continued loyalty to EMC.

We look forward to working closely with EMC to help our customers to really take advantage of this new range of products.

To learn more about the EMC and MTI partnership, join us at our Speed2Lead mega launch event on Tuesday 24th September, at Chelsea Football Club. The event will break down what the EMC announcements mean for the industry and how they can benefit your business. We look forward to seeing you there.

A 25th anniversary celebratory night on the River Rhine

Following on from the last blog, where we celebrated MTI‘s 25th Anniversary at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Weisbaden, we thought it would be only fair to have a party to celebrate… and celebrate we did!


From left to right: Stefan Enstrup, Josef Antritt and Reiner Lutz

Our 25-year celebration was organised by Thomas Rettig, our German Service Director. The evening kicked off at the dock of the River Rhine on a lovely sunny Friday afternoon, where all company staff and their partners boarded the ‘Robert Stolz’ boat, which took us downstream to Oestrich-Winkel.

It was a great chance to thank everyone at MTI for their hard work and appreciate what they have done for the company. To name a few: Stefan Enstrup and Hajo Liebetanz, who have been with us throughout our 25 tenure, Josef Antritt, who has recently retired, and Reiner Lutz, who is still at MTI, have all been integral to our success. The sales team led by Martin Traeger, along with Juergen Peter, Thorsten Frank and Stefan Fehr, are also extremely important to MTI growing as fast as it has in the past 25 years.

The boat gently sailed down the river, passing the villages of Schierstein, Walluf and Eltville

Rainer Held and wife Jutta

Rainer Held and wife Jutta

while we cruised along, enjoying the sightseeing, sandwiches and beer. After 90 minutes we turned around and the boat went back upstream, passing beautiful villas on the opposite site of the riverbank before returning to the dock feeling extremely relaxed and looking forward to our dinner.

Once back on dry land we moved on to dinner at the Biebricher Schloss, a grand castle on the bank of the River Rhine in the city of Weisbaden. Built in 1702, the building is a majestic, impressive residence of the sovereign.

Reiner Lutz and his wife

Reiner Lutz and his wife Marina

We enjoyed a delicious dinner in the circular ballroom built in the centre of the building, with dining tables coming out of the centre of the room and a dancefloor in the middle; it was like a huge banquet.

After the lovely dinner and some great beer, we all jumped on the huge red sofa outside the Biebricher Schloss, which had an automated camera and 42 inch TV. We had great fun remotely snapping photos of the MTI team to remind us of a great night.

The night culminated in everyone taking to the dance floor and dancing the night away to some 60’s and 70’s rock music until the early hours of the morning.

On the large MTI sofa

German Sales Leader Martin Trager (left), celebrates with members of his team

It was a great celebratory night and I can safely say that everyone had a wonderful evening. Thanks go to Thomas Rettig, who organised a great day on the River Rhine, and to Rainer Held, for organising the money. Special thanks also go to all the staff and their partners for attending.

I’d  like to thank everyone at MTI for their hard work and contribution to MTI’s growth. Here’s to a great 25 years and many more to come!