Royal Warrant in the week of the Royal Baby

The arrival of Britain’s future king has been the news on the tips of evImageeryone’s tongues this week. However, my pleasure at yesterday’s arrival of the latest addition to the Royal Family reached fever pitch following the news that we here at MTI have been awarded a Royal Warrant for our services to the Royal House.

The honour recognises our provision of data security services and solutions to Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Household.

The award is huge testament to the high quality and standards of our security products and solutions. More importantly it is a fitting tribute to the amazing hard work put in by everyone within our security practice. Their dedication sees them protecting the networks and data of a wide range of companies, from major financial institutions and NHS Trusts to local and central government bodies.

Congratulations to the MTI security team and to Kate and William on their new arrival, and we look forward to providing our services to the Royal Household as it continues to grow and prosper. This is a proud moment for MTI and a fitting accolade to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, which adds weight to the claim that we are one of the UK’s most experienced IT security organisations.

The magical night when we nearly lost our heads in Paris


This is a big year for MTI as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. The French celebrations, from which I have just returned, were memorable thanks to a combination of great company, great French hospitality and wonderful planning – largely by Nathalie Mendes, who is now taking a well deserved three week vacation.

The evening kicked off with 90 MTI customers, 40 MTI staff and representatives from EMC, Cisco and VMware all tackling the Parisian traffic in order to make the 8:15pm launch of our vessel, VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel Navigant. With all but a few making the launch time, we set sail on the River Seine. Over canapés and champagne, Damian Saura welcomed everyone on board and we got into a Q&A which gave us all chance to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

A highlight for me was the opportunity to acknowledge our longest serving French MTI colleagues, the aforementioned Damian and Hamid Sadrai. It was also wonderful to celebrate new and old relationships with the likes of Publicis, L’Oréal, Swiss Life and Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances. It was a privilege to have them with us as we remember our history and look to the future together.

As the swollen River Seine carried us through Paris, surely one of the world’s most beautiful cities, we were delighted to spot salsa dancers on the banks. The spectacle could not have been more dramatic as the height of the boat was such that we had to be continually reminded to duck as we went under the bridges, with the taller members of our party literally at risk of having a knockout evening.

Given the hazards of the bridges and the fact that our ducking skills were being affected by the champagne, we went below deck, where the festivities continued with music and a raffle. This saw an iPad and a night on the yacht as star prizes. With our journey nearly over, we bid adieu to the passengers at our party, which gave me an opportunity to hand out goodie bags with Damian and thank everyone for their attendance. It was a really wonderful night and I am grateful to everyone who made it so memorable. I’m looking forward to the next one already.

P.S. There is a selection of images from the event below and among them a very rare sight: Nicolas Naulot smiling – caught on camera.


Nicolas Naulot

Nicolas Naulot

France 25 ani_0001

From left to right: Thomas Butzer, KC, Olivier Kovacevic and Damian Saura. Thanks to Thomas and Olivier for making the trip over to represent Germany.

IMG_0154 IMG_0116

Clarence Do Rego

Clarence Do Rego

The cake before being expertly cut by Damian and I

The cake before being expertly cut by Damian and I

Cricket, customers and cake to celebrate 25 years of MTI

photoMTI in the UK held its annual Customer Cricket Event at The Kia Oval in London on Wednesday, where we enjoyed a game of sun-drenched county Twenty20 cricket between Surrey and Sussex over a few beers. The event was very well attended by customers across all our business practices, including Infrastructure, Security and Managed Services. It seems they all thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Surrey vs. Sussex match was really exciting right to the very last second. It was only won and lost on the very last ball of the very last over. Surrey were the eventual winners by 3 runs as I recall. Those in attendance were also able to watch Murray’s brilliance on the tennis court on TV before the cricket.

After the match everybody went back to the pub to continue the celebrations. Craig Russell gave a great speech recognising Garry Menezes and Alasdair Young for being with the company for 25 years, and was also responsible for cutting the cake.

Some customers enjoyed the event so much they were asking me personally if they can get an invitation for next year. I have a great sense of pride during these occasions. We started the cricket events with about 20 attendees seven years ago; now we have well over 150 and for them it’s one of the most popular dates in the calendar. Next year we will be aiming to get 250 people in attendance.

A big thank you to everyone who attended.

Customers in attendance included:

Sporting Index
The Salvation Army
Parker Hannifin
Winterflood Securities
Charles Taylor Consulting
CLS Services
Daisy Telecom

Partners in attendance included:


Matt Petts, James Rooke, Garima Arora, Alex Leman-Lawrie, Ghulam Arif, Chris Newhall

Matt Petts, James Rooke, Garima Arora, Alex Leman-Lawrie, Ghulam Arif, Chris Newhall

Garry Menezes, Garima Arora

Garry Menezes, Garima Arora

Becky Firth, James Rooke, Luka Deverill

Becky Firth, James Rooke, Luka Deverill

25 years and counting…

MTI Europe was started by me and some other guys who originally worked for a company called System Industries (SI). MTI originally launched over in the US with seed monies from Ray Noorda (who then owned Novell) in early 1988 and later in the same year we launched MTI Europe. MTI Europe Sales was the initial launch vehicle with Support and Customer Services coming in behind after Sales success in the field was established. The initial Sales management employees are no longer here but Tony Conway and I are, along with Garry Menezes, Alasdair Young, Hajo Liebetanz, Stephan Enstrup and Stephan Rothmann. We were based in the UK, Germany and France and with 14-years combined of SI experience under our belts, Tony and I started the MTI Service and Support arms in earnest across Europe.

In 1993 MTI Europe bought SI Europe out of the US bankruptcy courts. So we got our original company back and successfully folded it back into MTI. Additionally we got back the manufacturing facility in Dublin that I had set up back in 1984 when I ran European Support Operations for SI Europe. This allowed us to ship MTI products built in Dublin directly in Europe for more than the next ten years with huge success.

MTI Europe now stands alone as a well-established and highly respected high-end value-add data centre solution provider. We have consistently adapted and grown in the marketplace, changing our focus to compete and stay in business. We started from nothing – ten guys in a couple of offices – to more than 220 staff across Europe and a $100m company. In the past five years we have successfully grown more than 50% both in people and revenues. Of course we have laughed and cried along the way, with huge successes and some tearful moments. We are profitable, cash flow positive and debt free – not a bad position given the roller-coaster market of the last five years.

We will continue our journey supporting our customer base and adding new customers along the way. MTI is a formidable force in Europe, recognised for an ability to supply and support the most demanding requirements of our customers. We will focus on building out our security business (MTI Secure), which we successfully acquired and integrated into MTI two years ago. Our newly formed Managed Services organisation will grow to a substantial size over the next couple of years, with projected annual revenues in excess of $30m per year. We expect to offer all our services through the German, UK and French operations in due time. Of course none of this would be possible without the continued success of our traditional infrastructure businesses and customer services operations in the three countries – a big thank you guys.

We won’t hit our lofty targets without keeping our staff highly charged and motivated to help MTI continue to grow, adapt and support an ever-changing marketplace. Our goal is to continue to inspire and keep our people in readiness for the growth and change that we see coming on the horizon. Our people are and will always be the lifeblood of MTI. A special thanks from me to you all personally for continuing to make MTI a huge success.

Here’s to another 25 years of success!