Demise of 2e2 is a sad day for the world of business

I was genuinely saddened to read that 2e2 collapsed yesterday after failing to find a buyer. The harsh reality is that over 900 employees have been left suddenly without a job. The insolvency is being quoted as the biggest ever in the reseller-cum-integrator sector.

Whilst we all live in a competitive world, this does not detract from the fact that this is a gloomy day in the business world. I have genuine concerns for the employees, who were no doubt doing an excellent job and not responsible for the company’s demise.  Also affected will be the customer base, many of whom will be concerned about their own businesses as a result of this collapse.

Whilst competition brings out the best in many business situations, this type of failure affects us all. Customers will be wary about outsourcing to third-party companies as a result. Perhaps this is a good thing if it means that businesses like MTI get scrutinised more vigorously before businesses trust us with mission critical operations.

For what it is worth, we welcome that scrutiny and frankly, the harder you scrutinise our business stability the more likely you are to be fully abreast of your other partners and your own business. So please feel free to look under the hood. Caution is welcome and understood.

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