New NOC, $100M and a few girls blouses

As CEO of MTI, one of the parts of my job that I enjoy most involves transferring great ideas and best practice from one area of the business to another. Recycling and refreshing great ideas took a very literal turn recently, when I was at the EMC Forum Frankfurt event and noticed that the female members of our team had MTI blouses on. I was very impressed with this and promptly asked them to remove them at the end of the event so I could take them home to be laundered ahead of the next event. There were also footprints stenciled onto the floor of the event leading visitors straight to the MTI stand. These are both examples of great ideas that show MTI working just that little bit harder to stand out and attract business.

It is this passion and commitment to going the extra mile across the business that I believe is responsible for MTI being on track to beat our target of hitting $100m in group bookings by the end of this year. Given the economic climate we are in, this requires agility, innovation and determination. It also requires deals such as Juergen Peter’s carexpert order, the single best EMC deal of the quarter, and the NTT Managed Services deal in Germany that Thomas Fritze and Simon Walters have brought in. Both are high stake, one chance opportunities. Other deals, such as Kevin Moxey’s General Dynamics deal, demonstrate the benefits of determination. In addition, deals of note include Millstream in Scotland, brought in by a team lead by Spencer Misstear, as well as the Elior deal in France brought in by Didier Pichon. All are great endorsements of MTI’s services and product, so congratulations and thanks to all involved, including the Services and Finance team who play such a critical role in our business.

Looking forward, I am excited about the new NOC we are building in the upper floor of our Godalming site, due for completion in December. I am also excited about the momentum that David and his team at MTI Secure have built, with some record-breaking deals coming in. France’s Cisco UCS team is also looking very strong for the quarter ahead.

Whilst on the theme of looking forward I would like to wish Monika Hoffmann my best wishes and express the appreciation of the company as she retires after almost 17 years with MTI. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Matthieu Lafaye and Marijana Anusic, who have joined our sales teams.

So for those of you who have had your summer holidays, welcome back. I hope you are refreshed, invigorated and as excited about the rest of the year as I am. There is lots of work to be done and there are lots of great deals to close, but there is also immense talent and commitment in the business to rise to this challenge.